Informed Financial Consent (IFC)
All accounts for outpatient consultation are required to be paid on the day of the consultation.  Payments can be made via EFTPOS or Cash.  All services receive a rebate from Medicare.  This is not a bulk billing practice so you will incur out of pocket expenses.  The Medicare Rebate can be processed electronically at the practice through our practice software.  The amount of rebate you receive will depend on if you are registered with Medicare for the Medicare Safety Net Threshold.  To check registration status call 13 20 11.


Psychiatric Private Health Fund Cover

If you have a private health fund, the Doctors of this practice do not charge out of pocket fees for their inpatient services.  Fees charged will be in line with the NO GAP fee schedule of your health fund and billed directly to Medicare and your nominated Health Fund.

No PrivateHealth Cover - Self-Funded
If you are being admitted without private health cover and are self-funding inpatient services from our Doctors, you will have out of pocket fees.  The services will attract a rebate from Medicare.  The fees charged are in line with the services schedule of Medibank Private and will be subject to change.  An account will be issued, and a Medicare Patient Claim generated on your behalf.  A cheque made out to the Doctor will be sent to you from Medicare and you will be required to forward this cheque to our accounts officer and pay the out of pocket balance. Prior to your admission please request an up to date estimate of fees. Payment of your out of pocket expense will be required 14 days after discharge.

During your hospital admission costs of services provided by other doctors, such as anaesthetists, radiologists, nuclear physicians orpathologists, or other costs associated with your stay in the hospital or day surgery unit, such as accommodation, pharmacy, physiotherapy or other allied health services will be covered by you and are separate to this practice.
Patient Behavior Expectation
At Mi-Mind Centre, we provide a service and interact in a way that is respectful, caring, compassionate, lawful and within the scope of our services.  It is an expectation of patients attending this practice to interact with staff and any persons in the waiting room in a manner that is polite, courteous, respectful and without discrimination.  

This practice adopts a zero tolerance position on behavior, whether verbal, written or physical, that is deemed hostile, aggressive, derogative or combative. This extends to phone conversations and written correspondence.  Incidences will be referred to your treating clinician who reserves the right to discharge you from their care back into the care of your referring doctor.